Carmen The Studio is a brand made to embrace women’s bodies and curves.

We create pieces with different fits while having in mind that each woman has a unique
body shape and wants to highlight her best features.
We also believe in the importance of timeless clothing. Having pieces that can be worn
for years, for many seasons and in different styles.
We want our pieces to make women feel empowered, confident and comfortable.

‘Growing up, I've always been a curvy girl. I learned how to love my curves and
embrace my body. However, I noticed that whenever I went shopping, I never found the
perfect fit that makes me look and feel my best. I was also fascinated by the pieces my
mother used to wear when she was in her 20's and passed them down to me, still in
great condition and can be styled in many ways.’ Carmen


Our pieces are ethically produced in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon. A city filled with charm and
creativity and has the best craftsmanship.
Our factory has been chosen to guarantee high-quality pieces and most importantly we make
sure that every employee is well-treated on all levels.

Photos & Models

We are a brand that celebrates natural looks, natural hair, natural skin and natural curves.

This is why we decided that we do not retouch our photos/models. We only might slightly
retouch the colors of the photo but never face, acne, fat rolls or any beautiful unique traits.

We really want to keep it real and appreciate beautiful women in all their shapes, sizes, skin
color and more.